What I Do?


Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor of Science (S.Si)
Department/University: Statistics/ Diponegoro University
Master Degree: Master of Science by Research
School/University: School of Mathematical Sciences/Faculty of Science and Mathematics, The National University of Malaysia



  1. Graduate Research Assistant at Department of Statistics, Seoul National University (SNU). Supervised by Prof.Youngjo Lee
  2. Graduate Research Assistant at College of Informatics, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan. Supervised by Prof.Rung Ching Chen
  3. Research assistant at School of Mathematical Sciences The National University of Malaysia. Supervised by Dr.Sakhinah Abu Bakar
  4. Adjunct Researcher Bioinformatics and Data Science Research Center Bina Nusantara University.Supervised by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Bens Pardamean.
  5. Adjunct research assistant School of Mathematics Clemson University, USA. Supervised by Dr.Chris McMahan


  1. Scientific Journal of PPI UKM . 2017-2018
  2. ASEAN Youth Conference, PPI Malaysia. 2017-2018
  3. International Advisory Committee: International Conference on Advances in Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom. 2018
  4. The Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Sci-pub. 2019-now
  5. Journal HEXAGRO, 2019-now
  6. Journal of Information Sciences, Elsevier, 2019-now (Reviewer Assistance)
  7. I3S PPI-Taiwan. 2019-now


  1. A Bayesian Hierarchical Mixed Model for Identifying Significant Polygenic Effect while Controlling for Confounding and Repeated Measures. Christopher S. McMahan, Ph.D. Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University (USA)
  2. Forecasting various companion vector-borne disease within the conterminous United States. Christopher S.  McMahan, Ph.D. Department of Mathematical SciencesClemson University (USA)


  1. Deep Neural Network Deployment by Deep Learning Institute NVIDIA, 2017
  2. Deep Learning For Image Segmentation by Deep Learning Institute NVIDIA, 2017
  3. Targeted Genotyping: Data Analysis in R by BIOREALM Genetics And Data Science USA,2017
  4. Wearable Health Data Analysis by BIOREALM Genetics And Data Science USA,2017
  5. Machine Learning in Genomics by BIOREALM Genetics And Data Science USA, 16 October  2017


  1. Multi Kernel Learning (MKL), Institute for Research and Community Services (LPPM) Diponegoro University, Under contract 329-44/UN7.P4.3/PP/2019.
  2. Hybrid Support Vector Machine Metaheuristic. Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan (ROC).MOST-107-2221-E-324-018-MY2.
  3. Neurocomputing Fundamental Climate Analysis, CRIM The National University of Malaysia. 2018
  4. Hybrid Support Vector Regression, Supported by the School of Mathematical Sciences, The National University of Malaysia GUP-2017-118.
  5. Early detection of diabetes mellitus using Feed Forward Neural Network. Department of Statistics Diponegoro University 2015-2017.
  6. Development Of Biomarkers Tools For Improved Production And Climate Change Resistance In Indonesian Rice Fully funded by FAO. 2015-2019. (RA Dr.Bens Pardamean)
  7. High-Performance Computing In Bioinformatics Research. This study focuses on developing a high-performance application by utilizing High-Performance Computing Technology in Bioinformatics research. 2017. (RA Dr.Bens Pardamean)
  8. Colorectal Cancer. Collaboration between Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) and Mochtar Riady Institute of Nanotechnology (MRIN) Pelita Harapan University (UPH). 2014-2019. (RA Dr.Bens Pardamean)
  9. SMART D (SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY DISSEMINATION) collaboration between Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR) Ministry of Agricultural Republic of Indonesia. 2015-2019 (RA Dr.Bens Pardamean)
  10. GPU EDUCATION CENTER. Fully funded by NVIDIA Education Center. The project is designed to support and encourage teaching establishments to include GPU Computing using CUDA C/C++ as part of their course offerings, including research and advance education. 2015-2019. (RA Dr.Bens Pardamean)
  11. Multikernel Support Vector Regression (MK-SVR) Fully funded Directorate of Research and Community Services. Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia.No:022/SP2H/LT/DRPM/II/2016.
  12. Prediction of Crude Oil Prices Using Support Vector Regression (SVR) with Grid Search–Cross Validation Algorythm Fully Funded by DITLITABMAS DIKTI. 2016
  13. Relationship of Body Image Perception and Eating Disorders in Adelsecents. Fully Funded by Department of Nutrition Science – Bogor Agricultural University. 2016
  14. The Relationship between Corporate Governance and Stock Prices. Companies Using the Feltham-Ohlson Valuation Model. 2016
  15. The causes of patient safety incidents by nurses at inpatient units Police Hospitals Manado. Fully Funded by Bhayangkara Hospital. 2016
  16. Wavelet Transform and Group Method Data Handling (GMDH) for loads and prices forecasting. Fully Funded by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MoE&MR). 2016
  17. The Shift Invariant Discrete Wavelet Transform (SIDWT) With Inflation Time Series Application Fully Funded by DITLITABMAS DIKTI. 2015
  18. Approach Methods Servqual Cluster And Fuzzy K-Means To Analyze Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Post Office In Semarang Fully Funded by PKMP DIKTI. 2015
  19. Factors causing GOLPUT in Riau Islands Province. Fully Funded by Government of Riau Island Province. 2015
  20. Modeling Volatility To Calculate Value At Risk (VaR) Using Neural Network Model And Genetic Algorithm Fully Funded by DIPA (PNBP) MIPA UNDIP 2014
  21. Study Level Of Consumer Satisfaction Rationalizing Electricity Sector In Order To Support And Business Service Improvement PT PLN (Persero) Fully Funded by Ministry Of Energy And Mineral Resources. 2013
  22. Satisfaction Survey Internet Faculty Of Science And Mathematics Fully Funded by Faculty Of Science And Mathematics University Of Diponegoro. 2014
  23. Quick Count Central Java Gubernatorial Election Fully Funded by the University Of Diponegoro. 2013



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International Proceeding:

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Will Published in 2019 

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Will Published in 2020

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  2. Research Travel Grant, Development Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models (HGLMs) under collaboration with Prof.Youngjo Lee, Department of Statistics, Seoul National University (SNU),  South Korea, Korea.
  3. Research Dive 9 (RD-9) Household vulnerability research with PulseLab Jakarta and Bank Indonesia’s Macroprudential Policy Department. August 2019
  4. Senior Researcher, Research Camp Data Science Indonesia (DSI), August 2019
  5. Student Travel Grant, The 24th Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence ( TAAI 2019),Kaohsiung, Taiwan (ROC), 2019.
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  16. Speaker Education Fair, Universitas Sebelas Maret, 4th-12th November 2017.
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  30. Presenter 2nd International Conference On Actuarial Science And Statistics (ICASS) Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2016
  31. Best Show Case Project Data Science Weekend Exhibition Data Science Indonesia (DSI) Program Studi Statistika Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII),2016
  32. Participated In Data Science Weekend: Camp And Jam For Intermediate A Data Science Workshop Program Studi Statistika Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII),2016
  33. Participated In Data Science Weekend (DSW) Concert In Python, Machine Learning And Semantic Text. Program Studi Statistika Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) ,2016
  34. Participated In Data Science Weekend (DSW) Talk. Program Studi Statistika Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) ,2016
  35. Participated In Workshop Data Mining “Big Data”,Department Of Statistics, Diponegoro University
  36. Best Project Presentation. Data Science Indonesia. 2016
  37. Delegation From Riau Island Province For “Nusantara Jaya” Expedition, Coordinating Ministry For Maritime Affairs Republic Of Indonesia. 2016
  38. The Best Paper For Oral Presenter, World Climate Day, Indonesian Agency For Meteorological, Climatological And Geophysics (Bmkg), Jakarta, March 2016
  39. The Best Paper For Oral Presenter, Climate Knowledge For Climate Action, Indonesian Agency For Meteorological, Climatological And Geophysics (Bmkg), Jakarta, March 2015
  40. 3rd Winner National Scientific Paper Competitions , Universitas Diponegoro,  Semarang, November 2015
  41. 4th Winner National Scientific Paper Competitions , Universitas Diponegoro , Semarang, November 2015
  42. Finalis Of Marifest Universitas Diponegoro Semarang, November 2015
  43. Invited Trainer ”SPSS Training”. Department Of Mathematics, Mathematics Computing Club (MCC), Semarang,April ,2015
  44. Finalis Of National Essay Competition, Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, September 2015
  45. Invited Trainer “Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) Using Amos”. Department Of Statistics Diponegoro University, Semarang, November 2014
  46. Invited Speaker “Seminar Nasional Statistika”, Padjadjaran Universiry, Bandung, November 2014
  47. Invited Speaker “Seminar Nasional Ilmu Komputer”. State University Of Semarang (UNNES), Semarang, October,2014
  48. Invited Trainer “SPSS Training”. Department Of Statistics Diponegoro University, Semarang, November 2013