Statistics Ecology and Biodiversity

Goal : We conducted research about Statistics Ecology and Biodiversity under collaboration with Department of Statistics, Padjadjaran University, Department of Biology UIN SGN Bandung, Department of Mathematics Kalimantan Institute of Technology (ITK), the Indonesian Speleological Society (ISS) , the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI, Indonesia). The significance of this research is to calculate an index of species, richness, diversity, evenness, and dissimilarity. Also, Analyze the climatic and edaphic factor components that have the most significant influence on the structure of species communities in the ecosystem by using numbers of statistical methods and machine learning


Research Member

 Isma Dwi Kurniawan, M.Sc

Lecturer Department of Biology UIN SGN Bandung
Indonesian Speleological Society (ISS)
Research Interest: Ecology, Biosystematics,Phylogenetics,speleology
Scopus ID: 57201778857





Rezzy Eko Caraka,M.Sc(RES)
Adjunct Researcher Bioinformatics and Data Science Bina Nusantara, School of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, USA
Research Assistant, School of Mathematical Sciences The National University of Malaysia
Junior Researcher & Professor Assistant, INSPEM, University Putra Malaysia
Research interest: Bioinformatics, Machine learning, Geospatial, Climate and Ecology
Scopus ID: 57190489490




Riki Herliansyah,M.Stats
Junior Lecturer Department of Mathematics, Kalimantan Institute of Technology (ITK)

Research Interest: Spatial Ecology, Neural Network, Mixed Model, Time Series

Scopus ID: 57203835589






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  4. Herliansyah,R., Fitria,I.(2018).Latent variable models for multi-species counts modeling in ecology. BIODIVERSITAS Volume 19, Number 5, September 2018 Pages: 1871-1876

Research Funding: Research Scheme INSPEM, University Putra Malaysia

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