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Workshop : Aplikasi Teknik Molekuler dan Statistika dalam Analisa Biodiversitas” Lokasi : Departemen Biology UIN SGD BANDUNG Jurusan Biologi Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi bekerjasama dengan Keluarga Mahasiswa Himpunan Biologi (KMHB) menyelenggarakan Kuliah Umum dengan tema “Aplikasi Teknik Molekuler dan Statistika dalam Analisa Biodiversitas”. Acara ini berlangsung di Aula Fakultas Sains danRead More

Ecological Show Cave and Wild Cave: Negative Binomial Gllvm’s Arthropod Community Modelling

Abstract Ecology is a branch of biology that studies the interaction and relationship between organisms and their environment. Abundance, distribution of organisms and patterns of biodiversity are great interests for many ecologists. One of interesting ecosystems to be studied is a cave. A cave has a typical environment character withRead More

The difference on Arthropod communities’ structure within show caves and wild caves in Gunungsewu karst area, Indonesia

ABSTRACT. This study was conducted to determine the differences on Arthropod communities’ structure and climatic-edaphic factors within wild caves and show caves in Gunungsewu karst area, also analyze the climatic and edaphic components that give the strongest influence on Arthropods community. Arthropod Sampling was done by hand collecting, pitfall and baitRead More

Short Communication: Cave-dwelling Arthropod community of Semedi Show Cave in Gunungsewu Karst Area, Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia

ABSTRACT.Arthropods are a major group of animals which have significant roles in maintaining cave ecosystem stability. Semedi is a new show cave, but information about arthropods in this cave was not available. The use of cave as a tourist attraction will bring environmental changes which potentially disturb cave-dwelling arthropod community.Read More